ENZYMES- Life’s Little Wonders!!!

Enzymes are poly peptides that make it possible for life to exist by carrying out chemical reactions that are critical for survival.

Digestive Enzyme BlueAs we age our bodies produce fewer and fewer enzymes. Our digestive system becomes more and more inefficient producing less enzymes and making it more difficult for the body to digest food and convert it to usable nutrients and energy.

Enzymes are also responsible for disposing of waste products and reducing inflammation. People who are deficient in digestive enzymes often suffer from:


Bloating and Gas


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Low Energy



Food Allergies

Poor Immunity

By eating a diet of at least 60% raw food, we can replenish and maintain a healthy digestive system. The problem is most people eat mostly dead processed food devoid of any live enzymes. Digestive enzymes aid in the breakdown of fibrin. Fibrin causes a wall to form around an area of inflammation resulting in a clot. Protease enzymes also aid in the breakdown of immune complexes. High levels of immune complexes in the blood are associated with autoimmune diseases.


One of the best digestive enzymes I have found is Dew’s Panteric.


Their special formula contains not only Lipase, Protease, and Amylase but includes Ox Bile, Trypsin, and Chymotrypsin not usually found in less expensive products. Trypsin and Chymotrypsin are particularly effective as anti-inflammatory agents, devourers of toxic substances, and aid in controlling yeast, protozoa, and intestinal worms.

Panteric Digestive Enzyme Bottle 1

To stress the importance of Chymotrypsin, the most expensive ingredient in the Panteric formula, is to point out its uses:

Aids in Digestion

Treats inflammation and swelling

Treats arthritis

Treats ulcers and abscesses

Liquefies mucus secretions

Treats worms and parasites

Treats Cancer (documented at Sloan Kettering to lower TNF ALPHA)

Treats shingles and acne

Decreases effects of sun damage and age spots


Chymotrypsin is generally well tolerated and not associated with any significant side effects. People who should not use enzyme therapy include those with hereditary clotting disorders such as hemophilia, those suffering from coagulation disturbances, those who are just about to or have undergone surgery, those on anticoagulant therapy, anyone suffering from protein allergies, and pregnant women or those breast-feeding. Since there is not much known about the effects of enzyme therapy on children, it would be prudent to avoid giving enzyme supplements to children.



We have received many questions about pancreatic enzymes or peptones.

I would like to answer some of these questions and provide some valuable information about pancreatic enzymes.


What is a peptone?

A peptone is a secondary protein, usually from an animal source, that has been changed into a water soluble form. Peptones are excellent carriers for enzymes. To illustrate peptones as carriers, think of a bucket of water. The bucket is the carrier of the water. Peptones are the carrier of enzymes.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are complex proteins that help break down the proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the diet. By breaking them down, they make them into usable forms. Enzymes help change the nutrients a person consumes into forms that the body can utilize. They regulate the release of energy from foods or nutrients, so the body can use it most efficiently.


What primary activities do pancreatic enzymes have?

Pancreatic enzymes have three primary enzymatic activities:


1. PROTEASE – which has the ability to digest proteins.

2. AMYLASE – which has the ability to digest carbohydrates.

3. LIPASE – which has the ability to digest fats.

Determining the source of the peptone.

To determine the source of peptone (did it come from pork or beef?), you can look at the proteases, amylases, and lipases NF units. Cows have relatively no fat in their diet. They eat grass not meat; therefore they do not need very high fat digestion ability in their pancreas. Hogs have high percentage of fat in their diet. They are meat eaters; therefore they need high fat digesting ability in their pancreas. With this in mind, pancreatin derived from a porcine (pork) source always have much higher lipase digesting ability. (NF units).


Are there any secondary activities in pancreatic enzymes?

Under each of the primary enzymatic activities, there are secondary enzymatic activities. The secondary enzymes are:

1. TRYPSIN – which has the ability to digest certain types of protein. It has the ability to digest dead tissue or nutrients that had been isolated from their original source.

2. CHYMOTRYPSIN – which has the ability to digest many other types of proteins. It has ability to digest live tissue or nutrients that have not been isolated.


How can I know I am getting a good product?

In recent years, many pancreas products have been introduced by other companies, in an attempt to copy this product. They are not the same. Consumers should be aware of cheap imitations that could possibly be useless formulas with useless ability. When shopping for a pancreatic enzyme product, there are many factors to consider in your decision making. The most important of these include:





These are important to know when shopping for your pancreatic product:

A) PROCESSING: How is the product processed? There are certain factors that can destroy the enzymatic activity of pancreatic enzymes. They are heat, incorrect processing and inadequate forms of extreme acidic or alkaline conditions.

B) INCORRECT OR CORRECT FORMS: Are the pancreatic enzymes in the correct form? Pancreatic enzymes must be in the correct form in order to reach the lower digestive tract. The lower tract is where the pancreatic enzymes must be in order to perform its functions properly.

C) LABEL CLAIMS: What is the label claiming? It is also important to understand what a label is claiming. Some labels indicate that the product has been standardized and no sugar is used. This is not true. Because if the label indicated that the product has been standardized to a particular potency such as 2x, 4x, or any other NF units, then federal law requires that it be cut with lactose, which is known as milk sugar.

Some labels also claim that their product is derived from beef. In order for product to be derived from beef, the lipase (NF units) will be lower than the protease and amylase (NF units).

Dew’s Panteric is processed at low temperature, slightly above room temperature. Dew’s pancreatin is derived from highest quality, range grass fed US beef. They always use natural ingredients. They NEVER use hydrocarbon, solvents, sugars, salts or fillers. Their product is NOT standardized, because their pancreatin is unique in the market. Their pancreatin is specially processed only in full strength, undiluted form. Their pancreatic enzymes are in an enteric matrix (most modern technology), which ensures the enzymes to go to the lower tract and properly perform their functions. They add ox bile. Ox bile is an enzyme that works in the lower tract to complete the job started by the pancreatin. Bile also helps digest fat.

Panteric Digestive Enzyme Bottle 1


In cooperation with the US Food & Drug Administration, please note that this information has not been submitted to the FDS for approval. The information is not intended to cure, mitigate or diagnose disease in humans and animals.

What You Need To Know About Vitamin D3 and Protection Against Viruses and Bacterial Colds

Vitamin D - How important is vitamin DFinally, after 100 years of deception and trillions of dollars in profits from the germ theory, the profound and multiple effects on human immunity of vitamin D3 are now known.

Why vitamin D? First, did you know that macrophages — the immune cells that guard your body and watch for invaders and engulf abnormal cells until help arrives — have vitamin D receptors? That means they check whether or not you have enough vitamin D before they signal there’s danger. Not enough vitamin D, and your immune system doesn’t respond.

Your immune system literally relies on having adequate vitamin D to operate. And did you know vitamin D directly induces the production of antimicrobial peptides, and that other immune cells like NK cells and t-cells rely on vitamin D for their strength as well?

Be sure you’re getting enough and by that I don’t mean 400 iu’s
daily. Most people have to take as much as 10,000 to 15,000 iu’s
daily to boost their Vitamin D3 levels up to 60-70 ng/dl which is
what will protect you against many different diseases. Have your doctor measure your D3 level and then increase your dose of D3 until it reaches 60-70 ng/ml.


Vitamin D - What are the 10 Best Vitamin D Sources

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Ionized Alkaline Water- The Elixir of Life!

Alkaline WaterGood health can be achieved by doing three things: Alkalize, Hydrate and Detoxify. We get these three things when we drink Ionized Alkaline Water. Ionized Water is negatively charged or has a negative oxidation potential (ORP). Essentially, this means Ionized Water is a very potent anti-oxidant. Our bodies cannot survive without negative ions. Another way this may be stated is the more positive ions we feed ourselves, the faster we age.

The simple chemistry of Ionized Water is to charge the water via electrolysis, creating negative (-OH) and positive ions (+H), then separating them through a membrane. All of the research done on ionized water has arrived at the same conclusion: Alkalized Ionized Water benefits everything it comes in contact with as long as it is used correctly. Ionized Water has a lower surface tension than tap water which allows the body to absorb it faster. It passes into cells easier than non-ionized water helping to transport nutrients into and toxins out of our cells.

By the age of 60, many people suffer from dehydration which may manifest in conditions such as constipation, dry skin and dry hair, lack of energy and a myriad of other conditions. The body needs large amounts of water to flush out our digestive system between meals. Exercising provides far greater benefits when the body is properly hydrated. One percent dehydration causes a 5% drop in athletic performance. I always hydrate myself with either Alkalized Ionized Water or freshly juiced vegetables before exercising.

Just drinking liquid will not hydrate you. Many of the liquids people drink are actually dehydrating such as: softdrinks, caffeinated drinks and alcoholic beverages. Dehydrated bodies are toxic bodies and ripe for disease. Under normal everyday conditions, the average adult requires 1.5 – 2 gallons of water each day mostly consumed between meals.

Acidic foods and beverages will destroy our health and hasten the aging process. Alkaline foods and Alkalized Ionized Water will restore and maintain our health through greater oxygenation, hydration and detoxification of our bodies. Purified water created via reverse osmosis or distillation is stripped of minerals and oxygen and when taken will attach to minerals in the body and flush them out leaving us in a mineral and oxygen depleted state. Purified water is dead water meaning it is void of oxygen and has a positive ORP. We should strive to consume substances that have a negative charge or negative ORP such as Alkalized Ionized Water and raw foods.

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