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It has been long known that your blood type is uniquely related to what foods you should eat. Eating according to your blood type positively affects your overall health, resistance to disease, longevity, vital force and emotional stability. Where one food can be a source of energy and health to some, the same food can weaken and disrupt normal constitutional functioning in others.

More simply said, “One man’s food is another man’s poison”. Our diet is already determined by our genetics; that is, our blood type. By eating according to our blood type, we maximize our body’s ability to absorb nutrients, generate energy, detoxify and repair our cells.

So, is there one diet that fits all? The answer is an unequivocal No! For this reason some people are able to lose weight on certain diets while others cannot. Certain people are more prone to certain diseases and thereby, especially need to eat according to their blood type in order to discourage disease. It has been said that blood type is a powerful genetic fingerprint just as is your DNA. Eating according to your blood type will help you retain health and vigor, maintain an ideal weight and retard aging.Logo Blood Type

Are you blood type A, B, AB or O? By knowing your blood type, a diet can be designed for you to meet your dietary needs. Learn to identify foods that are in opposition to your good health and those that are nurturing and medicinal to your health. If you already know your blood type, our office can provide assistance in dietary planning; that is, what foods are compatible with your blood type and which foods you need to avoid. If you do not know your blood type, our office can direct you as to how to test for your particular blood type.


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