Counseling on Vitamin & Mineral Supplementation

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Today, our civilization enjoys some of the highest standards of living in the history of mankind.We have abundance of food. Therefore the problem today is not a lack of food; but a lack of nutritious foods to fuel our bodies to optimal health and performance. Modern food production, preparation and processing techniques have stripped our foods of their natural vitamin and mineral content, contaminated them with pesticides, altered them geneticly, and added preservatives, altered fats, and refined sugars. Even in relatively unprocessed foods the levels of vitamins and minerals are dangerously low due to the fact our soil has been stripped of essential nutrients and minerals by modern farming methods.

Did you know that the healthiest people in the world are those who consume organic and raw foods which are rich in vitamins, minerals  and antioxidants. But in our fast moving society oftentimes we are not able to consume the necessary quantities of health promoting foods. This is where supplemental vitamins, minerals, and essential fats come into play. Let us design a special nutrtional supplement plan that meets your specific needs.