What Causes Autoimmune Disease?

TAutoImmune desease 1here are two main factors behind every autoimmune disease. First, there is something foreign in the body that the immune system is reacting to. Second, there is poor control of the reaction. Let’s break apart these two concepts.

Your immune system reacts to everything that comes into contact with your body. It reacts to everything you eat, everything you breathe, and everything that contacts your skin. It even reacts to the parts of your own body like your cells, muscles, and skin. This happens every second of your life. But here’s the key: In order for this system to work properly, there has to be a way to control this reaction.

AutoImmune desease -Affected body partsYour body controls the reaction two ways. First, it has to direct the reaction to the right thing. In other words, if your immune system is reacting to something you just ate, like wheat, it has to direct that reaction to wheat molecules. If it mistakenly directs the reaction to your muscles, you will have problems with your muscles every time you eat wheat.

Second, it has to limit the immune reaction to what is appropriate. For example, if you come into contact with a small amount of a harmless virus, it should trigger a small reaction. If it overreacts to a harmless virus, the overreaction will create problems.

Likewise, if you come into contact with a dangerous virus, it has to react strongly. Otherwise you could die from the virus. Everything has to be just right. The immune system must properly direct and properly control its reactions. And here’s my point:

When these controls are not working properly, the result can be an autoimmune disease. So if you want to cure an autoimmune disease, you have to address both of those factors.

There’s always a culprit that causes your immune system to go haywire. Sometimes the culprit is a food. (You may have heard alternative doctors talk about how offending foods can cause “leaky gut” that can lead to autoimmune disorders. Sometimes the culprit is a toxic chemical.)

But in the vast majority of the cases, the culprit is not a food or chemical but a microbe. Sometimes the microbe is obvious. Like when a strep infection causes the autoimmune disease called rheumatic fever. But most of the time it’s hard to be sure which microbe is responsible.

One thing is for sure, though. Whatever the microbe is, it will likely be hiding in one of three places. Those three places are the intestines, the sinuses, and the teeth. Ninety percent of all autoimmune diseases are caused by infections in these three areas. That means that when you treat those areas, you eliminate the trigger that’s causing the disease!

The next step toward curing your autoimmune disease is to remove the factors that might be causing your immune system to overreact. These factors include hormone imbalances, heavy metal toxicity, and adrenal problems caused by chronic stress. To wipe out autoimmune-causing viruses there are a number of natural approaches, such as,ACS 200 nano silver, oxygen/ozone, probiotic and homeopathic therapies.